Thursday, 7 March 2019

Teleflex Clearline Ratchet Handles

This is one of our recent projects - Teleflex Clearline Ratchet Handle, used when it is difficult or impossible to rotate the handle a full 360 degrees.
If you are looking for any of these, please give us a call on - 0116 2742195.

Friday, 1 March 2019

40,000 Visitors!! Window Fittings??

I know I have been a little behind on this blog but I have been SO busy, so when I can put finger to keyboard, there is lots more to post - all sorts of new things!

So the post for today, is to say Hi to the visitors - just over Forty Thousand, to date, which for some blogs is a drop in the ocean but for someone who makes replica parts for windows,  40,000 is a fair amount.

Back as soon as I can.

Monday, 19 November 2018

Machining Aluminium Parts for Commercial Windows. Material failure!

Something a bit unusual happened whilst we were machining parts for a commercial window fitting, something I have never come across myself, personally - ever before.
When parts for aircraft are made, they are constantly checked, scanned, as well as X ray being used and the reason is to make sure there are no faults, that could prove fatal.

Well, take a good look at this!

 Please forgive the quality of the images - I will get some better shots done.

Whilst the cutter was merrily spinning around, there was a loud BANG!
That usually means you have just lost a cutter but not on this occasion - something a bit more unusual!
Part of the extrusion had shot out and on inspecting it, it is a complete separate part of it, which I guess was caused be trapped air? I'm not an expert in that field, so if anyone else knows why, drop me a line - or give me a call on 0116 2742195.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Cavendish Hardware and Bushed Bones

Hi to all of you out there, who drop in to see more replica parts for windows and a general nose around the sort of things I have done.

I started this blog seven years ago, as a way of putting up what I was doing at the time, in terms of making things and to show some of the other things that could be offered, with a contact of - so I knew where the enquiry originated from.
Most people find us from google images, they may be looking for a Pivot, Stay, Handle, Hinge etc and spot the image and that's how the connection is made.

I also run another blog, which is about the company that sells all of the parts that have been shown on here and up to now, it it has suited me to keep them separate.
This time has come to join the two together, along with the opportunity to promote my brother's new venture - Bushed Bones, luxury beds for your faithful friend.
So, click here for the link to the Cavendish Hardware introduction page:
Cavendish Introduction
Click here for the Cavendish Story:
Cavendish Story
Click here for the Cavendish Blog:
Cavendish Blog

The link will also tell you about Bushed Bones but if you wish to go direct from here, this is the link:
Bushed Bones

If you wish to call Cavendish Hardware - this is the number to reach us on: 0116 2742195
If you wish to call Bushed Bones - call: 01509 278178

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Victorian Antique Window Peg.

Whilst looking for something else closely related, I found this little item.
It's a few years back since this was done but looking at the level of detail on it, I thought it would be good to post it up.

During the Victorian and Edwardian period, so many things were made with attention to detail in mind and this is typical of that era.
This is just a window peg, for the stays to drop onto and hold the window open but instead of making just a functional item, a little more thought was put into it.
We made around twenty from memory, allowing the windows to be used as they were when first fitted.

Next time, I'll show some fancy handles we did for an old building.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Velfac Window Handle

I came across these images the other day, which sent a shudder down my spine!!
Nightmare of a job to do and there were a lot of them.
I've calmed down now, so here you are - Velfac Handle Replicas.

 If you have something that is less of a challenge, give us a call on 0116 2742195.

Friday, 6 July 2018

Bespoke Sash Window Keeps

It's been a while since I was on here - Very busy! : )

The one in the middle is the customer's sample part and he only wanted five of them.
So, there is a similar keep, from a very old system, that I "modified".